Tech Updates: 27/05/24 - 02/06/24

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Hello, AirDAO community! We're excited to share the latest updates from our tech team. Over the past week, we've made significant strides across various platforms, ensuring enhanced functionality, user experience, and system reliability. Let's dive into the highlights!

Frontend Improvements

  • Our team has successfully addressed and fixed several bugs on Bond Marketplace and Website, enhancing the overall user experience.

Bond Marketplace Enhancements

  • Development on the $sword tokenomy is progressing well, laying a robust foundation for future features. The team is working on updating the frontend with new logic to improve functionality and user interaction;
  • The team continues to tackle and fix bugs, ensuring the Bond Marketplace runs seamlessly.

Governance Platform Upgrades

  • Development is ongoing for SBT contracts aimed at Token Holders, a key component in our governance system;
  • The team is refining the voting power logic to ensure fair and accurate representation in governance decisions;
  • Our team is focused on improving smart contract logic and fixing bugs to enhance security and efficiency;
  • Continuous efforts are being made to fix frontend bugs, ensuring a better user interface and experience.

Mobile App Development

  • A complete rewrite of the mobile backend is in progress, aimed at boosting performance and reliability;
  • The team is addressing issues with push notifications to ensure timely and accurate alerts for our users;
  • Work is underway to integrate bridge functionality, enhancing cross-chain capabilities;
  • Development has started on DEX functionality, offering users more trading options.

Network Fees Structure

  • The team is resolving issues with the accuracy of commission calculations and their distribution between the treasury (30%) and validators (70%);
  • A bug affecting network and block production is being fixed to ensure stable and reliable operations;
  • A new version of the update is currently being tested on the dev-net, promising enhanced performance and stability.

Astra DEX

  • The team is working on Uniswap v2;
  • Also, it's working on Uniswap v3 (as the next phase of update with new features).


We are committed to continuously improving AirDAO and delivering top-notch features and stability. Our tech team is working tirelessly to address issues, enhance functionalities, and bring new, exciting features to life. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your unwavering support!

Together, we're building a more robust, more innovative AirDAO ecosystem!