Embark on your Governance journey in 3 steps

Step 1

Create your profile

Begin your journey by creating a profile that represents your identity within AirDAO.

Step 2

Verify your identity

Cement your role within our community by verifying your identity securely.

Step 3

Mint your governor SBT

Seize your opportunity to be a driving force by minting your Governor SBT (Soul Bound Token).

Empower Your Influence: Enhancing Decision-Making in AirDAO

Decentralized identifier — keep your privacy and stay secure

We use Fractal ID to create a secure decentralized identifier (DID) for governance, authenticating your unique individuality without revealing personal data or identity (KYC).

Collect your first SBT to become AirDAO Governor

The issuance of the AirDAO Governor SBT will be based on facial recognition using your biometric data, verified by Fractal ID.

Let your role define your voting power

Your engagement matters! The governance voting power will be based on your activities and influence in the DAO and Ecosystem.

Impact and decision making

The more impact you make, the more powerful your weight is in decision-making. As the AirDAO governor, you can collect various impact-based SBTs, increasing your voting power.

Recognition of Diverse contributions

Whether you serve as a Validator or OG, Ambassador or marketer, influencer or builder, partner or auditor, developer or any other role, you will be awarded governance SBTs corresponding to the benefits you contribute to AirDAO and its prosperity.

Ready to begin your journey with AirDAO?