How to verify your identity using Fractal ID

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Our upcoming governance update has unique concepts to empower our community. One of the critical concepts is ‘one person, one vote.’ We want to provide equal opportunity for our community members to be recognized for their contributions to AirDAO. We must ensure that the few holding large amounts of AMB tokens cannot concentrate voting power to achieve this.

Crypto projects typically use wallet-based, token-voting mechanisms for governance, and anonymity is deeply ingrained into the culture. Tying votes to an individual person is an inherent challenge in a decentralized, permissionless world. Based on these priors, we needed a KYC-type product to achieve ‘one person, one vote’ — enter Fractal ID. 

Fractal ID is a crypto-native digital identity verification system designed to cater to the unique needs of web3 products and blockchain ecosystems. It’s a blockchain-agnostic decentralized identity system with over one million users and is trusted by over 250 leading web3 projects needing a proof-of-personhood or KYC solution.

The identity verification process is simplified by enabling Fractal ID users to authenticate their identity once and reuse the verification across multiple crypto projects, eliminating the need to repeat the process. Privacy and data control are priorities in crypto, and Fractal ID enables verification without access to the underlying personal data.

The verification process takes just a few simple steps: 

Go to AirDAO’s governance portal

To begin the verification process, head to AirDAO’s governance portal.

Start face scan

Begin the verification process by clicking “Start Face Scan” after creating your profile.

Enter your email

Enter your email address on Fractal. Check your email and follow the link provided to log in to Fractal. If you've previously verified using Fractal, log in using your existing account to avoid duplicating the face scan.

Review and accept terms

Take a moment to review and accept the terms and conditions.

Perform face scan

Verify your identity by capturing a 5-second 3D selfie using your device's camera. A unique encrypted hash of your facial features will be generated.

Credential issuance

Fractal will now verify your identity and issue your encrypted credentials. The credentials are securely stored and can be used to verify your identity without directly revealing your personal information.

After completing the Fractal ID verification process, you can mint a Soul-Bound Token that will prove your identity within the AirDAO ecosystem.