Tech Updates: 29/04/2024 - 05/05/2024

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The AirDAO tech team has been hard at work, pushing the boundaries of innovation in decentralized finance. From frontend enhancements to backend developments, let's dive into the highlights of their achievements and ongoing projects during the previous week.


  • The frontend team wrapped up the staking refactoring phase and moved on to testing, paving the way for a smoother user experience; 
  • While minor bug fixes are still in progress, roadmap adjustments from the marketing department were successfully implemented, aligning the technical roadmap with the overall strategy.

Bond Marketplace

In the bond marketplace, the focus remains on developing the $SWORD tokenomy. Smart contracts and logic are still in progress, laying the groundwork for future functionalities. 

Governance platform

  • The team's efforts are directed toward Custom SBTs contract creations; 
  • We finished working on the voting power logic and bug fixes for Auto SBT; 
  • The team started working on the Admin Dashboard, enhancing operational efficiency.

Mobile App

  • The team is still working on fixing staking bugs in the mobile app; 
  • The completion of the Bridge layout creation marks a significant milestone while work on Bridge logic continues; 
  • The team works on a bug affecting app launch on certain devices post-update.

New Network Fees Structure

The team is actively tackling network and block production challenges, ensuring a robust infrastructure.

Astra DEX

Integration work on Uniswap connection to the frontend is ongoing, enhancing interoperability and expanding the platform's capabilities.


With each week bringing new advancements and breakthroughs, the AirDAO tech team remains committed to driving innovation and empowering users in the decentralized finance landscape. The community can expect even more outstanding achievements and exciting developments as they forge ahead.