AirDAO Election Process

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This Thursday marks a significant milestone for AirDAO as we hold our second election on the Snapshot platform. This election is crucial in shaping the future of AirDAO, ensuring that our community remains vibrant, democratic, and responsive to its members' needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming vote.

How to Vote

Voting in the AirDAO election is a straightforward process akin to staking your AMB tokens. Here are the steps:

  1. On Wednesday at 4 PM UTC, a snapshot of the blockchain will be taken. Only wallets with AMB at the time of the snapshot can participate in the vote. The block number at this moment will be recorded to determine voting power.
  2. When the snapshot link is shared, participants will need to click the link and connect their wallets to the Snapshot platform.
  3. Once connected, Snapshot will display the voting power of the wallet based on the AMB balance captured in the snapshot.
  4. Voting will be available on May 30th, 10 AM UTC, and finish on June 1st, 10 AM UTC.
  5. The ballot will pose a simple question: "Do you want to maintain the current council members?" with the options being A: Yes or B: No.
  6. Signing the Transaction: To finalize your vote, you will need to sign the transaction just like any other on-chain transaction.

Important: If the community votes to keep the current Council team, the Council will continue their work to grow the ecosystem. If not, full elections will take place, and each seat will be re-evaluated.  

Where to Vote

The voting will take place on the Snapshot platform. Snapshot is a trusted and widely used tool for DAO governance, offering a secure and transparent voting process. This is where we have always made our DAO governance decisions.

Make sure to have your wallet ready and linked to Snapshot at the time of voting.

Snapshot voting guide: https://airdao.io/academy/snapshot-voting-guide

Important: Our AirDAO Governor SBT (the first soul-bound token acquired by each registered AirDAO Governor that indicates the holder is a verified person with the right to govern in AirDAO) and the new system are still being developed and are not yet at a sufficient level to make certain decisions.

Why Vote

Voting in the AirDAO election is more than just a civic duty; it's a powerful way to influence the future of our community. Here’s why your vote matters:

  • Participate in Governance and Accountability: Your vote is crucial in maintaining decentralization across our network, regardless of whether you choose 'Yes' or 'No.' It's about upholding accountability for our current board members and empowering our community to shape the future of our organization through collective decision-making
  • Community Participation: Your vote is a reflection of your active participation in the DAO. It demonstrates your commitment to the collective decision-making process that is at the heart of decentralized governance.
  • Shaping the Future: The outcome of this election will directly impact the direction of AirDAO. Whether it means continuing with the current leadership or opening the floor to new candidates, your vote helps shape our path forward.

The upcoming AirDAO election is a critical event for our community. It not only reinforces our commitment to decentralized governance but also empowers each member to have a direct say in our future. Make sure to participate, cast your vote, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of AirDAO.

Join us on Thursday, make your voice heard, and be part of this important decision-making process.