Snapshot voting guide

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Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform widely used by web3 projects, and AirDAO uses it to hold votes on the implementation of proposals posted on our governance forum. All holders of AirDAO’s AMB token can participate in AirDAO’s Snapshot votes.

As the name implies, Snapshot takes a ‘snapshot’ of the balances of all wallets at the moment the voting period starts. To be eligible to vote, you must own AMB and hold it in a Snapshot-compatible wallet before the voting period. Any AMB moved into a wallet after the snapshot will not count toward your voting power. The vast majority of web3 self-custody wallets can connect to Snapshot due to integrations with Metamask and Walletconnect—so prepare in advance and move the AMB you wish to vote with to a compatible wallet before the start of the voting period.

AirDAO uses a single-choice vote system, with voters choosing between two options to vote for. After selecting yes or no, voters sign a transaction with Snapshot’s smart contract to allocate their AMB voting power. Participation in Snapshot voting does not require any transaction of AMB or gas fees, and there is no minimum AMB requirement for participation.

AirDAO’s Snapshot voting period lasts for three days. Before voting, it is important that you read the proposal on AirDAO’s governance forum and take the time to fully understand the pros and cons of what you are voting for.