AirDAO: Multiple passive income opportunities 

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In decentralized finance (DeFi), investors constantly seek opportunities to maximize their passive income. AirDAO offers three distinct avenues for users to earn annual percentage yields (APY). With regular staking, APY hovering around 11-12%. However, AirDAO presents an opportunity for individuals to boost their earnings significantly. Let's explore the three strategies to leverage AirDAO and achieve substantial passive income.


AirDAO staking with Arcadia serves as the fundamental option for passive income. With an average APY of approximately 11-12%, AirDAO provides users with a stable and reliable source of passive income. While some investors may be happy with this return, you can explore additional options within AirDAO to enhance their earnings further.

Node Operator 

The rewards are significantly amplified for real users who actively participate in AirDAO's ecosystem as Validators (node operators). Starting January 2024, AirDAO node operations get dynamic rewards in $AMB and $BOND.  By exchanging $BOND tokens with a minimum lock period of one month on the AirDAO Bond marketplace, node operators can secure an APY of approximately 18%. This represents a substantial increase of about 50% compared to the regular staking APY, making it an attractive option for those seeking higher returns.

Doubling Your Passive Income Potential 

For node operators who will exchange their BONDs for native AMB with longer lockup periods, AirDAO offers higher numbers. By exchanging BOND tokens with lock periods of up to one year, users can unlock APY rates of up to approximately 25%. This represents a doubling of the regular stalking with Arcadia APY and presents an unparalleled opportunity for investors to maximize their passive income.

Where can node operators find $BOND tokens?

To make sure you see all received $BOND tokens to your Metamask account, open an account you use for running a node and add $BOND token contract: 

0x096B5914C95C34Df19500DAff77470C845EC749D (token name and Decimals will be filled automatically) 


AirDAO offers investors a diverse range of opportunities to earn passive income. Whether globally, most investors treat 11-12% APY as a great result, AirDAO provides a chance to double this number by running a node and smartly using the AirDAO Bond Marketplace.