Tech Updates: 06/05/2024 - 12/05/2024

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AirDAO continues its commitment to innovation and progress, with recent updates across various tech domains to improve functionality and user experience. Here's a comprehensive overview of the latest developments:


  • Roadmap Page: The roadmap page has been successfully deployed on the production environment, providing users with a clear overview of AirDAO's development journey;
  • Staking Bug Fixes: Addressed and resolved staking-related bugs to ensure smooth and seamless staking operations;
  • Tasks from Marketing: Completed tasks outlined by the marketing team to align tech developments with strategic objectives;
  • Minor Bug Fixing: Ongoing efforts to identify and rectify minor bugs for an optimized frontend experience.

Bond Marketplace

  • $sword Tokenomy Development: Progress continues developing Smart Contracts & Logic to streamline bond marketplace operations and ensure robustness.

Governance Platform

  • Custom SBTs Contract Creations: Completed the creation of Custom Synthetic Bond Tokens (SBTs) contracts, empowering token holders with diverse options;
  • Admin Dashboard Development: Completed the creation of the admin dashboard;
  • Voting Power Logic: Adapting voting power logic to accommodate changes in general logic, ensuring fair and effective governance processes;
  • Admin Dashboard Testing: Ongoing testing of the admin dashboard to guarantee reliability and usability.

Mobile App

  • Staking Bug Fixes: In-progress efforts to resolve staking-related issues on the mobile app for enhanced functionality;
  • Bridge Logic Creation: Developing bridge logic to facilitate seamless asset transfers between different environments;
  • Bug Fix on Prod: Addressing a critical bug causing app launch failures on certain devices post-update, ensuring uninterrupted access for users.

New Network Fees Structure 

  • Network and Block Producing Bug Fix: Correcting bugs affecting network and block production processes to enhance overall stability.

Astra DEX

  • Uniswap Connection: Progressing towards establishing a connection with Uniswap on the frontend, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for users.

AirDAO remains committed to continuous improvement and innovation, with these updates reflecting our dedication to delivering a seamless and rewarding experience for our community. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on the horizon!