AirDAO governance model v1

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AirDAO oversees a blockchain ecosystem governed by AMB token holders via on-chain voting.


AirDAO’s on-chain governance empowers the AirDAO community to express their opinion on how AirDAO operates, determine changes to the protocol, and more.

Voting process

  1. Proposal phase
  2. Voting phase

The four stages of an AirDAO governance proposal

  1. A community member or the AirDAO team creates a DAO proposal and posts it on the governance forum to discuss with the community.
  2. After four days, the proposal moves to the voting stage.
  3. The community uses AirDAO Snapshot to vote on the proposal, with the voting stage lasting three days.
  4. The AirDAO Development Team prepares the AirDAO Improvement Proposal (AIP) based on the consensus of the Snapshot vote and prepares the necessary payloads.

How to structure a DAO proposal

This guide will teach you how to structure a DAO proposal for AirDAO Governance.

A DAO Proposal is an idea that a DAO member wants AirDAO to consider for implementation. The DAO member must write their proposal using the following guidelines and post it in the governance section of the AirDAO Community Forum.

The proposal must meet the following criteria: describe an idea, how it will be implemented, and the requirements for executing it (if funding is necessary).

All AirDAO governance proposals must be coherent and fully developed ideas ready for the community to evaluate. Any governance proposals that do not meet the quality threshold or follow the guidelines for submission will be removed to keep the governance forum clean and prevent spam. You may use other informal channels to brainstorm proposals before being posted on the governance forum.

Proposal structure

The name of the proposal.

In a few sentences, describe what the proposal is about.

Short description of the proposed change.

Explain why you think this proposal is worthwhile and would benefit AirDAO.

If applicable — expand on the idea of the proposal and/or provide code to implement. If you provide technical details, please give clear and concise explanations that everyone can understand — remember that AirDAO has a global community of all levels of technical expertise.

  1. Go to community.airdao.io/c/governance
  2. Use the governance template to submit your post (the template auto-fills when you create a new thread in the governance topic)
  3. Make your proposal using the structure above

All proposals that don’t follow the guidelines will be deleted. You’re welcome and encouraged to publish your proposal and must engage with all constructive community feedback.

How Snapshot works

Snapshot.org is an online decentralized voting system for people to create proposals (changes) and have others vote using cryptocurrency. AirDAO governance participants must hold $AMB in a self-custodial wallet to vote. Voting is free — no transaction fees are incurred when voting.

  1. Find an AirDAO proposal on the AirDAO governance forum
  2. Study the proposal and consider the consequences of voting for and against the idea
  3. Examine the voting period
  4. Make sure you hold AMB in a wallet NB: You can only cast a vote on Snapshot if your AMB wallet (i.e. MetaMask, Trustee Wallet) contains AMB before the start of a voting period on Snapshot.org
  5. Connect your AMB wallet (i.e. MetaMask, WalletConnect) to Snapshot
  6. Locate the AirDAO proposal on Snapshot
  7. Cast your vote

Casting a vote using Snapshot does not use gas or transaction fees. Users will select their chosen vote and then sign a transaction with the Snapshot smart contract to allocate their AMB voting power toward their designated choice. There is no minimum AMB requirement to participate in AirDAO governance.

Snapshot voting guide

Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform widely used by web3 projects. AirDAO uses it to hold votes on implementing proposals posted on our governance forum. All AMB token holders can participate in AirDAO’s Snapshot votes.

As the name implies, Snapshot takes a ‘snapshot’ of the balances of all wallets at the moment the voting period starts. To be eligible to vote, you must own AMB and hold it in a Snapshot-compatible wallet before the voting period. Any AMB moved into a wallet after the snapshot will not count toward your voting power.

The vast majority of web3 self-custody wallets can connect to Snapshot due to integrations with Metamask and Walletconnect — so prepare in advance and move the AMB you wish to vote with to a compatible wallet before the start of the voting period.

After selecting a voting option, voters sign a transaction with Snapshot’s smart contract to allocate their AMB voting power. Participation in Snapshot voting does not require any transaction of AMB or gas fees, and there is no minimum AMB requirement for participation.

Before voting, it is important that you read the proposal on AirDAO’s governance forum and take the time to fully understand the pros and cons of what you are voting for.