How to conduct on-chain analysis with AirDAO's Network Explorer

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The world of cryptocurrency is marked by its decentralized nature, complex technology, and constant data flow. In this dynamic environment, enthusiasts and investors must stay informed about any changes. This is where on-chain analysis comes into play, offering a window into the processes of blockchain networks. Understanding transactions, token movements, and network activities is essential for anyone navigating crypto.

Why on-chain analysis matters

In cryptocurrency, where traditional financial institutions have less influence, the blockchain acts as a public ledger, recording every transaction and interaction within a network. This level of transparency is unprecedented, and on-chain analysis is deciphering this data to gain valuable insights.

On-chain analysis enables crypto enthusiasts to:

Monitor transactions: Keep track of every transaction, big or small, and view transaction histories for any wallet address.

Analyze token movements: Understand how tokens are distributed, when they are moved, and where they are held.

View network activities: Gain insights into network health and the number of nodes, blocks, and holders, ensuring a broader perspective on the blockchain's status.

Explore the ecosystem: Discover valuable information about node performance, block rewards, etc.

Now, let's explore the AirDAO Network Explorer, a powerful tool that facilitates this crucial on-chain analysis.

Introducing the AirDAO Network Explorer

The AirDAO Network Explorer is your gateway to comprehensively understanding the AirDAO network. Whether you are tracking your wallet's activity, examining the network's health, or digging into specific transactions, this tool has you covered. Let's take a deep dive into it.

Accessing the Network Explorer

First, visit airdao.io/explorer in your web browser. The Network Explorer welcomes you with an array of important information about the AMB token, including total transactions, the current token supply, the number of active nodes, and the count of AMB holders.

Navigating the Network Explorer

At the top of the page, you'll find links to different sections: Apollo and Atlas nodes, wallet addresses, blocks, and transactions. These sections are your doorways to the blockchain's core.

Apollo nodes: Get a detailed overview of Apollo nodes, including node uptime, balances, stakes, and more.

Atlas nodes: Access similar information for Atlas nodes.

Addresses: Examine the current number of addresses and AMB holders, with the ability to sort by various parameters.

Blocks: Explore the latest blocks on AirDAO's blockchain. Dive into details like block height, validator information, block rewards, transaction count, etc.

Investigating wallet addresses

If you want to explore a specific wallet address, return to the homepage by clicking the "Home" button. Enter the address you wish to investigate into the search bar and hit enter. The Network Explorer will give you an overview of the wallet, displaying the AMB balance, token holdings, and all associated transactions.

Click on the "Transfers" tab. You will see the AMB transfers made by this wallet, transaction fees, block validation details, sender and receiver wallet information, transaction dates, and transaction hashes.

In the future, as more projects launch tokens on AirDAO, you'll also find the same details in the "Tokens" tab.

Going deeper into data

The Network Explorer allows you to dive deeper into the data. Clicking on a transaction hash provides comprehensive information about a specific transfer. Similarly, clicking on a block from the address overview unveils transaction details within that particular block.

In the address overview, you can export a CSV file of the wallet's transaction history, ensuring you have a record of all wallet activities.

AirDAO's Network Explorer is a powerful resource for on-chain analysis, granting users access to in-depth data about the network, transactions, addresses, and more. Understanding and interpreting blockchain data is essential. The Network Explorer simplifies this process, providing a user-friendly platform for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and researchers to explore AirDAO’s ecosystem.