What are AirBonds?

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AirDAO’s tokenomics upgrade contains several new use cases for AMB, the native token of the AirDAO ecosystem. One of the new use cases is AirBonds.

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AirDAO ecosystem users that stake AMB in validator nodes receive AMB as block rewards for providing assets in service to the AirDAO network. With the tokenomics upgrade, a portion of the AMB rewards will be vested as AirBonds (BOND tokens). The amount vested will be based on the validator node’s age. Block reward vesting will incentivize stability and reliability among node operators, making the AirDAO network more secure.

Trade BOND on the Marketplace

AirDAO will develop an AirBond market to enable the trade of BOND tokens. Users will be able to buy BOND tokens at a discount to the AMB market price in exchange for other tokens. The discount will be based on the length of the vesting period. AirBonds will be tradable pre-expiry on the AirBond Marketplace but not redeemable through AirDAO for AMB until their expiry date.

Users will also be able to bond either their AMB or specific AMB liquidity tokens to receive assets issued by new projects that partner with AirDAO that wish to launch their tokens on AirDAO’s blockchain.